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On this page we are delighted to publish a selection of our many testimonials from Academy students and parents past and present

The Academy


The Academy is the place to learn, flourish and have the greatest fun while fulfilling potential. Every student is welcomed into the friendly atmosphere and no matter if they've been here for 5 months or 5 years, are truly a part of The Academy family. I've made my best friends at this school, through doing what we all love together, and supporting each other along the way. Not only has my confidence grown huge amounts, but I can easily say that without the fantastic coaching I've received from the teachers at The Academy I wouldn't be able do what I can today. I would highly recommend this school to any eager performer who wants to have fun with the arts and make friends for life while doing so.

Laura x


The Academy


The Academy is a second home for my kids! They have made good friends and they are all supportive of each other This is an inclusive drama school and am glad the boys are part of it.

Angela Eboji - Barking Parent


The Academy


I have been going to Academy since I was only 4 years old.It is a great place to go to meet new people and help improve your confidence.
Everyone is so kind and welcome at The Academy it's like a massive family, we all help each other with the choreography , songs , etc .
Going to the academy brings you lots of opportunities, we perform twice a year in a big theatre and perform a show that we work on for the whole year, it includes, dancing, acting and singing. We also have an Academy agency that provides you with auditions for adverts, musicals, films and much more.
Going to The Academy has honestly changed my life and I enjoy every second of it.

Tilly Fisher – age 14 – Sanders & Barking Student


The Academy


I honestly couldn’t recommend The Academy any higher!! Absolutely amazing teachers and most importantly a fun family atmosphere. My son started at 7 years old a shy only child, he met his brothers and sisters he never had. The annual shows are west-end standard and I have witnessed my son slowly grow from shyly being in the ensemble to becoming the leading man. He also joined the Academy agency and the experiences he has had can never be taken away, performing at the National Theatre, The London Palladium, starring in a film, appearing in many commercials, including an all expenses paid trip to Stockholm, the list goes on. It's all down to the fantastic Academy principle and the outstanding team that love and support the all of the kids and train them to become confident performers. You won't regret it if they have a free trial but be warned they will want to join, 10 years later my now 17 year- old shows no signs of leaving!!!

Hazel Donn – Sanders Parent


The Academy


Riley has been with the academy for a few years now, he absolutely adores going, and gets on great with the staff and all the kids his age and older.

Everyone involved with the academy are very friendly and really helpful.

Every year the academy has an annual show at the queens theatre in Hornchurch, which is amazing and allows us parents to see the great  work all the staff and the kids at the academy do over the year.


Laura (Parent)


The Academy


I first enrolled at The Academy when I was 11 years old and only left last year at the age of 22. The Academy has given me many opportunities throughout my 11 years there, from performing in front of hundreds of people on a professional stage, to taking part in charity events, to auditioning for parts in commercials, soaps, short films and much more. However, none of this could have been possible without Claire Harvey who is the Principal of The Academy. Claire is an inspiration to many and deserves to be recognised and rewarded for her commitment and dedication to The Academy and all of its students. The Academy is not like any other "stage school" we are one huge family and this is all thanks to Claire and the atmosphere that she has created amongst the students. Claire is all about giving and helping, so much so that I now teach the Young Performers, which is an excellent opportunity for me. The Academy has been and will always be a huge part of my life, a part that I don't think I will ever let go of, it has made me who I am today. And I know that to every former student and every current student at The Academy it will always hold a place close to their hearts.

Kerrie Moore - Ex Student and Young Performers Teacher


The Academy


One big family. That's the only way to describe the Academy. I started at the age of 8 and 11years later I'm still here, only now I'm teaching! The friends I've  made at The Academy are lifelong and will always be special to me. And of course where would a school be without it's teachers! One in particular, Claire Harvey. The best teacher anyone could ask for.
Throughout my time at The Academy Claire has been so kind and generous providing me with various opportunities to perform on huge west end stages, to performing for school fetes. The Academy would not be where and what it is now without the dedication of Claire. And I wish everyone good luck with their upcoming shows and the ones to come and I hope to still be a part of them all somehow!



The Academy


I have been a part of The Academy  for over 11 years now and still enjoy it to this day whether I am learning or teaching.
I have made life-long friends who I have been lucky enough to share my memories with!

Abby Patient


The Academy


I have always enjoyed the Academy because I am encouraged to be the best I can be.  The shows we do every year are awesome!  The Academy is where I actually met some of my closest friends.  If I didn’t have The Academy, I don’t know what I would do!

Erin Brewer – Barking Student – Age 11


The Academy


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